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Prostitute 03:33
We cannot count You set a painless harm A piece of gun We cannot have some fun Girl shut your smile, I wouldn’t mind Girl you waste your time, I don’t mind Oh, that’s fine We came around You set a peaceless cum A piece of gun We cannot have some fun
I wonder about your blouse is saying something soon The sun is up and rounded up, She seems to like me too Play me like a fool You can give me more Heavenly, I’m sure What a classy girl Just take it slow I could see they laugh at you, when you walk into Every sense in heaven is saying something soon Play me like a fool You can give me more Heavenly, I’m sure What a classy girl Just take it slow
Pocketguides 02:16
Come before the moon gets high Come between the doors and the wild Come closer to the settled sky Come around in the glimmer shy She’s the answer of every why She’s the fortress of the blizzard She’s pocketguides
So Comely 02:37
I’ll wait in the hallway Secret place nobody knows Make a cup of milk tea Something you love more than me I’ll sing a lullaby When you’re playing NFL Tell you fancy stories I can only see your back But you’re oh so pretty It would be just fine Cause you’re oh so lovely I guess i don’t mind
Be happy to be dead set I’ll be praying your best friend So unreal to be shine Then walk away And I’ll be sparkling It’s not too late When you think of me, I feel so so lucky Things are back like the way they used to do
I’m so happy just to see you Been looking forward to meet you You will not notice my heart beats so fast It could fall down into grass You look so nice as you always Got me nervous and lost my way I can’t say anything it’s so awkward You’re so quiet say no word Spend all the night at the pop club Share fancy drinks all in a cup Spread the laughters in every stub If you don’t mind I won’t give up You’re so quiet you say no word Every language will just not work We don’t have to talk but please hold my hand Do nothing just holding hands 4 am walk through the city Feel so cold and a bit quirky Both of us are very sleepy I hope like me you are happy
Paraparlor 04:00
Call me chemistry Made of harmony But instead you’ll never understand Ballads in the sea Without guarantee But instead you’ll never understand Coral and the stars Cheese and marmalade Together we would lie Oxford and some scars Prison and the kites Together we’re alive Chase a legacy Beyond pharmacy But instead you’ll never understand Call me chemistry Made of harmony But instead you’ll never understand
Wondering your automatic move Shimmering me in every wound Wondering your invention of biological Shimmering me my cookie’s moose The perfect thing Doesn’t get high You make me smile Doesn’t get high You make me smile Saved me from cherry wine


i dont believe anyone in charge for his own destiny. you need more than you and sharesprings need more than.. i dont know. 7 years to finally write and finish an album is worth every pop penny and not even one set promo tour is necessary. because tullycraft still matters so will paraparlor. imagine how the world would be with no lies: sweetdear you can't. and no dont shed a tear for the possibility of disbandment: write your own prostitute. dont waste your time. (tiok)


released August 12, 2018

Paraparlor by Sharesprings

Sharesprings are:
Ardhi Yudho
Putriani Mulyadi
Rusli Budianto
Yehezkiel Tambun

Bass on tracks 01, 03, 04, 07, 08 by Yanu Fuadi
Vocals on track 07 by Yanu Fuadi

All songs written by Ardhi Yudho
Except track 04, 07 by Yanu Fuadi,
track 08 by Arief Bramantyo & Ardhi Yudho

All lyrics by Putriani Mulyadi
Except tracks 01, 02, 05 by Ardhi Yudho

Recorded at:
K Studio, engineered by Yudha Prasetya
Studio Teras Belakang, engineered by Pandu Fathoni

Mixed and mastered by Yehezkiel Tambun at Mawar

Artworks by Mika Arundhaya
Designs by Ardhi Yudho
Handwritings by Putriani Mulyadi

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